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by noeluciano 2 years ago
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my first upload! This sound I made using the zMors Synth on my Ipad Air2 - I used Audiobus which is a great routing software allowing many of A LOT of AWESOME sounding synths that are now on ipad and can be played professionally via a USB keyboard controller (very handy for gigging) OKAY this is getting too wordy... I used AUDIOBUS overall with ZMORS in the first slot being routed through the wonderful AUFX EQ app in the center (effects) slot then ran the MOST USEFUL OF ALL ---> AUDIOSHARE app in the 3rd or output slot to record it all... keep in mind that the number of devices you can run in these three slots is virtually limitless - as much as your device can handle so you can get really nuts with several synths, a drum machine, etc all routing to the middle (FX) stop in the chain and picking up a fat 3 or 4 nice sounding effects devices then on to output to AUDIOSHARE or you can now use just audioshare as host and run zmors in it directly (and probably more smoothly) I chose zMors because on a couple of other ipads (ipad mini, ipad 2 especially, and ipad air a little bit) I was noticing that it was a resource hog and was not playing correctly OR there was a huge lag in the latency so with the new(er) ipad air 2 I wanted to hear the zMors synth and it really is an underappreciated majestic sounding beast if you ask me. I am going to experiment further with it as the unique architecture and just the way it sounds is totally different from any other synth I've yet to hear on Ipad or in general. It kind of reminds me of a fatter, more modern. Sequential Circuits 6 track. which I've had a couple of and have a thick layered sound - kind of like a really nice turkey sandwich with a good portion of Swiss cheese then you notice that there's still some roast beef left and put a good amount of that between bread as well. Hell, that's a sandwich that's gonna be filling! Thanks for reading.

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Type .wav
Duration 64.690794 sec
Filesize 11415552 bytes
Samplerate 44100 Hz
Bitrate 1.41M bps
Bitdepth 16 bit
Channels 2

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