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by Mattix145 2 years, 1 month ago
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What: Another water drop. From where: Home of Mattix145. Where: In the kitchen of Mattix145, with dampening material around. Method: The ZOOM H4N by ZOOM, with hairy windscreen applied. Editing, mixing and mastering in Audacity. Purpose: This sound is intended for games but can be used for anything also. It can be used in for example horror games, when the player goes near a sink in a dirty, shabby, damped and dark kitchen. Ready to use.>When crediting sincerely type my name as Mattias Lahoud. Don't forget to comment and rate! Drop a link here too if you want!NOTE: Make sure to check out my other sounds!Enjoy! /Mattias Lahoud

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Duration 0.122313 sec
Filesize 21790 bytes
Samplerate 44100 Hz
Bitrate 1.43M bps
Bitdepth 16 bit
Channels 2


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