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Playing around with my Roland JD-Xi.Using the Arpegiator, LFO and Slicer effect to create chopped up sequences. Also used the Delay FX from the synth.This is quite a long ever-changing sequence. Sometimes the changes are minor, sometimes drastic.The output of the synth was sent to my stereo (an LG-U561) and recorded from the speakers with my Zoom H1.The intention was to obtain a more charactful sound than just recording via DI.Used Audacity noise reduction to eliminate some of the humm, but there is some hum still left in the recording. This is intentional and meant to be part of the sound.

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Type .wav
Duration 185.563719 sec
Filesize 32733580 bytes
Samplerate 44100 Hz
Bitrate 1.41M bps
Bitdepth 16 bit
Channels 2


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