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by TerryHancock 5 years, 7 months ago
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Recordings of the epic creaking sounds from my office door (and a variety of other sounds it can make). Great effects here for classic horror ambience or just foley for an old house. This is a old-fashioned six-panel wooden door with a metal handle (not a knob). I installed it in about 2008 or so, and have never oiled the hinge, so it's got a pretty wicked creak now in 2013. I plan to put some WD-40 on it after this, but I wanted to record it first. The door handle has also gotten pretty cranky in the last couple of months, so it makes some pretty interesting sounds, too. This recording has the sound of my office clock ticking in the background (forgot to turn it off). And the mic gain is set pretty high -- which is great for the creaking sounds, but clips on the door closing thumps. Includes operating and rattling the door handle, several open and close cycles at different speeds, with or without actually closing the door.

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Type .flac
Duration 395.539917 sec
Filesize 19091480 bytes
Samplerate 48000 Hz
Bitrate 386kbps
Bitdepth 16 bit
Channels 1


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