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A Canadian Man rhymes intensely about one of his hangouts! The local store he goes to inspired this rap! I Love Sophie 1002390480238977781236763% I was bringing her back some mars bar roast fraps when I realized that there was a connection between aliens and cafes! Sophie has often said to Seascraper that in general all lifeforms even those that are out of this world can enjoy the metabolism boosting effects of caffeine laden drinks from another dimension! If you drink one of the new frappuccinos you will feel the calm of another world and you might get some energy back too!

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Sing In/Sing Up to Download

Type .wav
Duration 23.451771 sec
Filesize 6754154 bytes
Samplerate 48000 Hz
Bitrate 2.30Mbps
Bitdepth 24 bit
Channels 2

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